Polish & Shape........£8.00
Buffing and shaping of nail finishing with a polish of your choice.


Luxury Pedicure...........£22.00
Soaking the feet, cuticle work, filing and shaping of nail.  5min foot exfoliation, 10 min mask and a 10 min foot and leg massage finishing with a moisturizer and polish of your choice.


Autumn Spa Deluxe Pedicure..........£28.00
A full luxury pedicure with the added benefit of a paraffin wax treatment. This will smooth the skin and help signs of ageing. The warmth and nature of this treatment will help ease the pain for those suffering from joint problems.

Please Note

​The Luxury Pedicure and Autumn Spa Deluxe Pedicure are treatments carried out on an elegantly designed Body Massaging, Foot Spa chair, with massaging benefits to your back, arms and upper legs. An ultimate spa experience.

Foot Care